Technical Services

The efficient operation of industrial (e.g. oil & gas, power) facilities is increasingly enabled by greater investment in automation, instrumentation, predictive maintenance, work management collaboration, condition monitoring and other digital capabilities. LINDSAYCA provides technical services to help clients achieve better operating results. By having access to LINDSAYCA’s engineers and technicians, customers receive equipment, system and process-level expertise.


Increasing Digital Enablement in Oil & Gas

At LINDSAYCA, we can already see the increasing investment in technology in older or aging assets. We can also see the major changes which are taking place in the design and operation of new facilities. Some examples where digital capabilities are making a difference today are as follows;

  • Upstream and Downstream Plant availability and integrity.
  • Downstream refining and continuous process manufacture.
  • Logistics tracking and optimisation (Marine and Land)
  • Remote or unmanned facilities which are being remotely monitored.
  • Location awareness of workers and assets to implement safety and security.
  • Disaster / incident response facilities and coordination

A platform for Digital enablement

With such a broad trend of investment in the technical capability of facilities, we at LINDSAYCA believe that the value for our customers is in providing an architectural platform which will enable scale, integration and functionality.