Operations and Maintenance

Performance Management

LINDSAYCA has experience of Performance Management & Performance based contracting from simple labour management through to more risk service delivery models.

Our leading edge work & skills development has been done to assist people, process & technology in the area of Performance Management (see diagram below). This includes experience in nationalisation programs using Competency Management & Assurance techniques to assure performance in environment, health & safety.

Our experience also extends into the development of Services (Service Level Agreements, Operational Level Agreements), the development of operational procedures which are aligned to competency based working practices and the creation of a “continuous improvement culture”.


Figure 1 – World Class Performance Management Themes

Competency and Training


LINDSAYCA’s leading competency management and assurance programs ensure that operations and maintenance technicians are assessed, selected and trained in accordance with the roles and responsibilities they are required to undertake and applicable regulatory requirements. Our program ensures that assets are operated and maintained to optimise plant availability and integrity within the economic parameters set by the shareholders.

Safe Systems of Work Management

services-safe-systems.jpgTo manage the operational risk, safe systems of work must be applied and management across all resources. LINDSAYCA’s proven methodology allows us to train and develop staff and contractors in the overall process of risk assessment, work management, permitting, job safety analysis and permit to work.

Our methodology implementations have been based on information technology platforms such as SAP, IBM Maximo and Primavera.