Our strategy for 2015 and beyond is very simple and made up of four components.

Delivering Results

about-strategy.jpgThe results we deliver are at a minimum, the clients requirements and expectations. However we aim to go further in many areas including economics, risk management, solutions innovation, safety, sustainability and environmental considerations. Our certifications of excellence for health, safety, quality and environment are integrated into processes, procedures and working practices of every aspect of the organisation.

Collaboration & Learning

As a company we invest heavily in our ability to collaborate with our clients and the market as a whole to understand new trends, innovations, techniques and lessons learnt. The ability for our company to learn through our people is one of our most differentiating capabilities.

Improving our Services & Products

about-improving-our-services.jpgOur portfolio of products and services is well defined and expanding as clients demand higher levels of integration and deeper involvement in the overall capital investment process. Building on proven commercial and management capabilities in delivering integrated oil & gas solutions, LINDSAYCA is increasing international client support for both front end business case development, conceptual design and post commissioning operations and maintenance.


LINDSAYCA currently has operations in United States, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico. New operational centres are being established in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our collaborative relationships with our clients are based on a local presence where possible, leveraging the skills and competencies of the full organisation.

The growth of LINDSAYCA is along three axis. First we are expanding the services we deliver into our existing upstream oil & gas market sector. Second, we are expanding our business into adjacent market sectors which can leverage our existing skills, services and capabilities. Third, we are expanding geographically in the US, Europe and Asia working with existing clients and developing new client relationships.

Commercial & Capital

LINDSAYCA has a number of strategic partners who are able to assist clients with the capitalisation of projects under a variety of commercial terms.